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Game Wrap: Rockies 8, Angels 6

Troy Tulowitzki led the Colorado Rockies on both offense and defense reminding us all how much fun Rockies baseball can be when he is in the lineup.

Jamie Sabau

In today's Game Thread, I remarked that Spring Training stats are mostly useless with the exception of days on the DL. Specifically, the Rockies much injured pitching rotation (JDLR, Chacin, Nicasio) is looking more for health at this point than production, even going so far as to point this out to the fans. But, it's entirely possible that I completely forgot to mention the most important comeback player this year.

Troy Tulowitzki is starting to look like the Tulo we remember. He turned an encouraging double play considering his specific injury, including his patented pirouette, and also managed to go 2-3 with a double and a long home run, his first of Spring Training.

Eric Young Jr. keeps on hitting going 3-3 on a sharp single, a leg-it-out infield hit, and a bunt. Tyler Colvin also went 3-3, hopefully breaking out of hist Spring Training slump.

Juan Nicasio looked great right away, striking out Mike Trout and Alber Pujols. He couldn't maintain it though, giving up 7 hits in 3 2/3 innings and 4 earned runs. But he remains off the DL and in the rotation, as #2 Troy Tulowitzki.

Box Score.

Jeff Francis Vs. Clayton Kershaw tomorrow at Salt River, 2:10.

The Rockies look good early, I even overheard (over-read?) some Rowbots and writers speaking the "hey these guys might not be so ..... bad," speak. But we all know that Spring Training stats can be deceiving. Well, except one.

No one got hurt today! Tulo is playing! Springtime is amazing! Go Rockies!