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Blake Street Stroll, Week 3: The Rockies are going streaking

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The Rockies have won eight in a row. Historically, how has streaking looked in purple pinstripes?


First of all, I hope that people saw what Andre Miller did yesterday. I love the way he plays the game and it was a pleasure to watch him win a playoff game almost single-handedly. The Nuggets have now won 24 straight home games.

The Nuggets streak has been impressive, but the Rockies are on a streak of their own, having won eight straight. I did some digging into the Rockies history of streaking.


The number of times not including this year, that the Rockies have won at least 8 games in a row. The first time they accomplished this feat was Sunday, July 7th to Wednesday, July 17th 1996. Kevin Ritz won twice during the streak, Bruce Ruffin, Darren Holmes, Armando Reynoso, Roger Bailey, Marvin Freeman, and Jamey Wright all won once. The average margin of victory was 2.88 runs and the Rockies averaged 7.38 runs per game while giving up 4.5 runs per game. So far the current streak has yielded an average margin of victory of 2.88 runs and the Rockies have averaged 6.63 runs compared to 3.75 runs allowed.


The number of seasons the Rockies have had a winning streak over 10 games. 2007, 2009, and 2010. If a streak is any indication of a playoff team then if the Rockies can stretch their streak to 10 games they could be looking at a playoff season. 2010 was the only non-playoff year out of that streak, but the Rockies were just a game out of first in the NL West in September before stumbling to the finish line.


The number of years that the Rockies have had at least an eight game winning streak not including this year. In all five of those seasons the Rockies finished over .500. History would suggest that the Rockies will finish above .500 this year.


The number of games won in a row by starters during the streak and it's happened twice. ALL of last year the Rockies didn't have three wins in a row from their starting staff. Put the four-man rotation and pitch limits aside and it still is frightening that the Rockies couldn't put together at least three good starting pitching performances in a row last year.

During the Rockies' five game win streak earlier in the season their starters won four straight. That makes three times already in 17 games that the Rockies have had a starter pick up the win at least three straight games. It blew my mind to discover that the Rockies failed to do that a single time in 2012. Thank goodness for 2013.


The number of times the Rockies have had a win streak of this length in April. They have only had a winning record in April 6 times in their franchise history and one of those times was the strike shortened '95 season in which they played only 5 April games.

The Rockies usually heat up when the weather heats up. If that is the case this season, the Rockies could be looking at their first division crown. Typically, the Rockies are playing catch-up ball after April not leading the way. I know that's a lofty prediction and the Rockies aren't far into this season, but you never know.


Speaking of winning the division. Five is the number of days during the streak the Rockies have had the lead in the NL West. On the season the Rockies have already enjoyed 13 days atop the division. In their entire history the Rockies have only had four other seasons in which they have been in first place for at least 10 days. This includes off days. So to say that the Rockies are in foreign territory is putting it mildly.

In 1995 the Rockies had 117 days where they were in first place. The next longest streak was 2006 of 36 total days in first place. This is not consecutive days in first place mind you, but overall days in first throughout an entire season. The Rockies, in their 20th season, have already enjoyed more days in first place this year then in 16 of their previous 20 seasons. Wow.

Maybe getting excited over a hot April start is premature, but looking at the Rockies history makes me much more appreciative then I would have otherwise been. It also makes me cringe to think that the Rockies have had so little success in their history. Hopefully, year 20 is a new beginning for the Rockies.