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Sunday Rockpile: Chacin gets good news, Helton day-to-day

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Todd Helton joins the day-to-day list and good news on Jhoulys Chacin


Happy Sweep Day Rockies Fans! The Rockies will go for their third straight Sunday victory this year (Rockies didn't win their 3rd Sunday game until July 8th last year) and a sweep of the D-backs. Meanwhile, there is lots of injury news for the Rockies today.

Good news for Jhoulys Chacin this weekend. Patrick Saunders reports that Chacin does not have an oblique strain and that it is his back again flaring up. While he will still miss his next start (if they play on Tuesday), this is good news for the long term. If the rain and snow forecast for Tuesday cancels the game, there is a chance that Chacin won't miss a start and no one will need to be called up from the minors. His injury is even getting national attention, as ESPN reports that Chacin will get an MRI on Monday.

Unfortunately, Todd Helton is also day-to-day with a forearm strain according to Todd says he could play if he had to, but is likely to be out for another day or two. Hopefully these two muscle strains will go away quickly and the team will be able to continue their success.

Other News

Walt Weiss is getting praise from the local press, with two articles in the Sunday Denver Post. First, Troy Renck's article talks about how he has the players' respect. Another article discusses his use of the Rockies speed on the base paths this year.

Even though Dexter Fowler appears to be in a bit of a cool off at the plate, it doesn't stop Renck from mentioning his early season success in this article.

Seeing Wil Nieves last night playing for the Diamondbacks made me wonder how other Rockies from last year are doing. Thankfully, ESPN linked an article about Jason Giambi having 5 RBI to make it easy for me to find him. At first I was worried that we gave up a little too early on Jason (even though I thought we kept him a year too long). But after looking at the article and Giambi's stats, I realized he is still hitting below .200 and is not very different from the black hole that he was on our bench last year.