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Game 19: Mike Minor vs. Jeff Francis

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For the second Tuesday in a row, the Rockies will play a double header at Coors in miserable weather conditions.

Doug Pensinger

Despite temperatures sitting in the 20's, the Braves and Rockies are set to play two games today in a battle for the best record in baseball. Last week the Rockies were able to take both ends of a double header against the Mets in similar conditions, but they should face a stiffer test here. So grab a blanket and a cup of hot chocolate to see if they can do it again.



1. Andrelton Simmons (R) SS

2. B.J. Upton (R) CF

3. Justin Upton (R) LF

4. Freddie Freeman (L) 1B (HIDE THE WOMEN AND CHILDREN!!!)

5. Chris Johnson (R) 3B

6. Evan Gattis (R) C

7. Dan Uggla (R) 2B

8. Reed Johnson (R) RF

9. Mike Minor (R) P


1. Dexter Fowler (S) CF

2. Josh Rutledge (R) 2B

3. Carlos Gonzalez (L) LF

4. Troy Tulowitzki (R) SS

5. Michael Cuddyer (R) RF

6. Wilin Rosario (R) C

7. Jordan Pacheco (R) 1B

8. Chris Nelson (R) 3B

9. Jeff Francis (L) P

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