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Purple Row Video: Games left on the table

The Rockies record should probably be better than 28-26

In this episode of Purple Row Video, I talk about the table below and use it to try and add on to what Jay dissected in detail in today's Rockpile.

The numbers next to each team represent how many more times they have led at end end of each inning than the number of times they have trailed at the end of each inning. For instance, through 54 games, the Rockies have led 28 times at the end of five innings, trailed 17 times at the end of five innings, and have been tied nine times at the end of five innings. Since they have led 11 more times than they have trailed at that point in the game this year, they have an "11" in that box. (The "End Game" number is the actual number of games each team is above or below .500.)

You can click on the table to get a larger image of it.


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