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Yankees 3, Rockies 1: And so it goes

"One" and "won" are homophones, that is, words that sound the same but are spelled differently and mean different things. In baseball, teams that score "one" run have, historically, "won" very few games. Fun with words!

Justin Edmonds

An exceptionally frustrating game caps off an exceptionally frustrating series that caps off an exceptionally frustrating homestand. A Yankees line up filled with castoffs and rejects (seriously, Jayson Nix? Chris Nelson? Vernon Wells? Lyle Overbay? Are we in bizarro land?) beat the Rockies 3-1 on Thursday afternoon to take the series two games to one. The Rockies managed four measly hits against CC Sabathia and assorted relievers to assure themselves of their 11th loss in their last 17 games.

Rain fell off and on (mostly on) during the first half of the game, eventually getting so bad that the grounds crew had to bring the tarp out after the fourth inning. The lengthy delay knocked both CC Sabathia and Jeff Francis out of the game. Despite the departure of New York's ace, the Rockies couldn't get anything going against the Yankees, accruing just three hits and no runs off the bullpen.

The Rockies' lone run came in the first, when a Troy Tulowitzki single moved Dexter Fowler to third. Carlos Gonzalez then lifted a fly ball to Vernon Wells in left field, just deep enough to score Fowler on the sac fly. Beyond that: nada.

Let's see, what are the positives? Tulo looked healthy and confident at the plate. Nolan Arenado banged a couple loud outs to the warning track, and made some fine defensive plays. Eric Young Jr. continues to show a sharp eye at the plate. The bullpen was pretty darn solid; the only blemish was Robinson Cano's home run off Adam Ottavino, but Cano is one of the best in the game, and these things happen.

But what does it all add up to? A big fat "L". As the final Mariano Rivera cutter Coors Field will ever see burrowed under Josh Rutledge's bat, the atmosphere in the stadium, and perhaps the dugout, felt like it was at a season low. The bats are ice cold, and tonight they head to St. Louis, which happens to have the best ERA in Major League Baseball.

Record: 19 and 15

Games Back: 1

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