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Game Wrap: Nationals 5, Rockies 1

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Confused by Ross Ohlendorf's wild gyrations, the Rockies found it difficult to string a few hits together.


The Rockies batters had some monster line drives in this game. The problem was that all but one of them were foul as Ross Ohlendorf and then the National's bullpen kept the Blake Street Bullies off balance all night long. The three Rockies hits consisted of a first inning Scrappy Herrera bunt, a Carlos Gonzalez triple that was two feet from being a home run in the sixth, and another Herrera single in the ninth. Unable to get a clutch hit, it is good that Michael Cuddyer looks ready to come back from injury.

Jorge was not efficient on the night and walks eventually came back to haunt him. A lead-off walk in the fourth and a one-out walk in the sixth ended up creating two of the three runs he gave up prior to leaving in the sixth. Hopefully it was just the cut on his finger bothering him as he officially left the game due to injury.

Nolan Arenado's outstanding defense was on display yet again and was perhaps the best thing for Rockies fans to watch on the night. His off balance throw from foul territory and his spinning throw in front of Tulo were both television highlight worthy.

The good news is that the Giants lost so the Rox remain one game ahead of San Francisco and either the Dodgers or D-Backs will lose so Colorado will either be one game back of first place or we all can be happy at the expense of LA fans.

The Rockies will look to take the series in the rubber match tomorrow in a day game at Coors field. Look forward to talking about that game with everyone and here are the people who tuned into purple row for this one:

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