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Friday Rockpile: Tulowitzki breaks rib, our hearts

An afternoon of freakish injuries was capped off by the biggest blow of all: a Troy Tulowitzki broken rib

Doug Pensinger

The Rockies had a rough go of it yesterday, as three of their star players suffered freakish injuries. First it was Carlos Gonzalez, who was just standing in the on deck circle, minding his own business, when Jordan Pacheco blasted a line drive off his ankle. Cargo went down hard. After taking a few tentative limps it was clear Gonzalez couldn't stay in the game, so Tyler Colvin came on in replacement. The initial diagnosis on Cargo is a bruised left foot and he's day to day.

Then in the fourth inning, Dexter Fowler was looking to push a bunt up the line when the inside fastball bore in and smashed his fingers. He hopped around and grimaced a bit and stayed in to run the bases, but by the next inning he was out and Jonathan Herrera came in to play left field.

We all know bad news comes in threes, and here is came in the top of the eighth when Troy Tulowitzki made a diving stop on an Ian Desmond ground ball, breaking a rib on his right side. Tulowitzki, remained in the game to finish the inning but was in obvious pain when he came off the field.

Yorvit Torrealba pinch hit for Tulo in the bottom of the inning. On an 0-2 count, a riding fastball broke his bat, spraying shards of wood into his face and neck area. Torrealba went down screaming. He was helped off the field by trainer Keith Dugger, looking sort of like the guy from Hellraiser. Herrera came in to play catcher, because earlier a piano fell on Wilin Rosario. Forgot to mention that. Sorry.

Anyway, later in the game Wilton Lopez came on in relief. In a surprising development, his right arm gained sentience, detached itself from his body, and just scurried off somewhere. Matt Belisle replaced the severely confused Lopez, but as he was running in from the bullpen, he accidentally stepped into an alternate dimension in a process that physicists call, "a catastrophic quantum displacement." He'll be trapped in this alternate universe for the foreseeable future, likely necessitating a move to the Disabled List. Keith Dugger is working overtime at the particle accelerator in an effort to get Belisle back.

At this point Jonny Herrera was the only Rockie not in any way maimed, dismembered, debilitated, unconscious, or suffering from acute amnesia. As the only guy on the field, he came in to pitch, whereby he would throw the ball at the strike zone (usually smacking the umpire in the chest), then run over to pick up the ball from wherever it rolled off to. During his one inning of work he was responsible for 187 wild pitches, and all of the outs were recorded via line drive right back to the mound.

The final tallies for the game: the Rockies scored four runs on 8 hits with one walk, 7 strikeouts, 4 dead, and 21 wounded.

Bob Davidson just called a balk on this article.

Links? Eh, why not.

Troy Renck has all the fall out from the Rockies' day from hell. Troy Tulowitzki is looking at a minimum of 4 weeks on the DL. It's likely going to be longer.

There are many stages of grief; at the moment, I'm stuck in the numb, disbelieving phase. Tulowitzki is the keystone of the club, a man whose pure talent elevates the game of everyone around him. It's largely due to his efforts that this flawed baseball club is over .500 and in contention this year. His replacements are going to be some combination of Josh Rutledge, DJ LeMahieu, and Herrera, and they will not come close to the same production.

Tulo is among the league leaders in every offensive category, he plays an outstanding defensive short stop, he was having an MVP type year, and now he will not play for a month and a half. Who knows where the club will be when he's healthy again. The fun and excitement that 2013 was providing has come to a screeching halt. My brain tells me that it's too early to give up hope yet; my heart tells me otherwise.

Roy Oswalt is getting close. He'll make his final start in AA today and then he will likely be on his way to join the big club.

If you need a pick-me-up, here's a picture of three puppies in a basket.