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Game 75 Preview: Chatwood vs. Strasburg

The Rockies have the task of facing Stephen Strasburg in his second start since returning from the disabled list. It could be a very interesting pitching matchup, as Chatwood has been quite solid in his seven starts for the Rockies this season.

Joe Robbins

The Colorado Rockies fell to 37-37 in last night's game against the Nationals. This puts the team in fourth place in the division, ahead of only the Dodgers. This means that there is quite a bit at stake in this game: The Rockies winning record, their ability to stay competitive in the division, as well as the division's dominance against the rest of the league.

In his last start, which marked his return from the disabled list, Stephen Strasburg allowed only one run in five innings of work. He has been the victim of a weak offense behind him, so despite a 2.50 ERA (good for a 150 ERA+) he owns a 3-6 record. He has not allowed more than a one earned run since May 4.

This will be Tyler Chatwood's eighth start of the year with the Rockies. In his previous start, he allowed two runs in five innings of work. He has only allowed 11 runs (10 earned) all season, owns a 2.33 ERA (good for a 195 ERA+), and has yet to give up a home run. All this means is that even though he faces a challenge in opposing Strasburg, it should be a great matchup and a fun game to watch.

Tonight's game comes on the heals of some concerning information about Dexter Fowler, whose slow recovery from injury is frustrating the player and straining the rest of the outfield.