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Rock Mining week 12: Looking at future roster needs

With everyone filling out their 2013 Summer PuRPs list, here is a guide to what the team will need in the next few years.

Tulo is under contract until 2022, who else will be on the team in the years ahead?
Tulo is under contract until 2022, who else will be on the team in the years ahead?
Doug Pensinger

One of the most exciting times for me on Purple Row is when it is time to put together the Purple Row Prospects (PuRPs). If you haven't done it yet, visit the link here and read all the great discussion and post your own list. As people build their list, they use perceived talent, current statistics, team needs, and many other criteria to rank order possible future Colorado Rockies. As I started to put together my list earlier this week, I thought it important to look at what the team would need in the future and I would like to share my research on that subject.

Here is the list of the current roster plus three who are on the DL (author's note, this was built prior to some roster moves). If only one year is listed, that is the year they become a free agent (if option available then there is a year in parenthesis). If two years are listed, the first is when they are scheduled to meet arbitration, according to, and the second is free agency.

Pitchers Year Position Players Year
Chacin 2015/2016 Rosario 2015/2018
De La Rosa 2014(2015) Helton 2014
Chatwood 2015/2018 LaMahieu 2015/2018
Nicasio 2015/2018 Tulowitzki 2022
Francis/Oswalt 2014 Arenado 2016/2019
Volstad 2014 Gonzalez 2018
Betancourt 2014(2015) Fowler 2015/2016
Belisle 2014(2015) Cuddyer 2015
Brothers 2015/2018 Colvin 2014/2017
Outman 2014/2016 Rutledge 2016/2019
Escalona 2015/2018 Herrera 2014/2016
Lopez 2014/2016 Pacheco 2015/2018
Ottavino 2015/2018 Torrealba 2014
Scahill 2016/2019 Corpas(pitcher) 2014

This shows that the Rockies have overall a pretty young team. Now, for discussion's sake, if the Rockies were to keep all of their players through arbitration and then let them go to free agency, pick up De La Rosa's option, and pick up one of Belisle's/Betancourt's options, here are the current team needs for the next five years:

2014: One starting pitcher, two relief pitchers, one first baseman, one back-up catcher

2015: One starting pitcher, one relief pitcher, one corner outfielder

2016: One starting pitcher, two relief pitchers, one center fielder, one back-up infielder

2017: One outfielder

2018: Two starting pitchers, three relief pitchers, one catcher, one outfielder, one back-up infielder

Obviously the Rockies will sign some of their young talent to long term contracts and not need to actually replace all of these positions, just like they may bring in free agents to fill some of the positions. However, this gives some idea of where changeover may occur on the Rockies going forward. Who will fill these positions is a great debate and the PuRPs list is a great place to look for the replacements. Hopefully, this information will prove somewhat useful to any of you who haven't submitted your list yet or reference back to it when it is time to do the fall/winter PuRPs list.