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Sunday Rockpile: Corey Dickerson has arrived

Corey Dickerson made a very good first impression in the major leagues, hitting two doubles in his first at bats. Could Dickerson be the much-needed spark for a Rockies offense that is suffering from the absence of Dexter Fowler and Troy Tulowitzki?


As a prospect, he has flown under the radar until recently. As a major league player, Corey Dickerson made sure that wouldn't be so. His first major league at bat will be something to remember: after taking the first pitch for a ball, the tip of his bat made contact with a Dan Haren sinker and he took off. While most would have been content with stopping at first and not take the risk of running into an out, he rounded the corner at first and kept going. He saw Denard Span's hesitation, and decided to take advantage of it. It was a close play, but he was able to beat the tag and was safe at second.

In the fourth inning, he made contact again. He had faced a total of three pitches at the major league level and already had two doubles and a perfect batting average.

Hitting is something that has come about as naturally as breathing for Dickerson. Playing for the Springs this year, his batting line is .386/.429/.646/1.075. He leads the team in overall hits, doubles, and triples. In his last 10 games, he has 21 hits in 36 at bats. Compared to other prospects within the Rockies organization, he ranks as highly as #7 on our own PuRPS list, to #8 on John Sickel's list, to as low as #15 on

Not to mention, he is going to be a lot of fun to watch. As Troy Renck notes, Corey Dickerson brings energy to his game. Could he bring that spark that the team has very much needed with Troy Tulowitzki on the DL and Dexter Fowler sidelined due to a nagging injury?

It's a tall order for a player who has spent a day in the majors, but I think he will be that player.

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Dickerson's pre-game nerves translated into raw energy at the plate: Troy Renck discusses Dickerson's exciting debut in his post-game recap. He also brings up a seeming trend: the offensive explosions tend to come when the starting pitching is at its finest, and seems to be absent when the pitching could use some help.

Speaking of fine pitching performances, Chacin has been nearly untouchable in his last two starts. I will give credit where credit was due, but it looks like Chacin's choice of wardrobe yesterday might have played a part in his performance.

While recent bullpen struggles can be directly attributed to injury, overuse of key players such as Belisle, as well as simply the inexperience of the new manager, all factor in to bullpen performance. Has Walt Weiss' inexperience led to mismanagement of the bullpen since the loss of Rafael Betancourt and Edgmer Escalona?

Troy Renck Tweets that the Cubs have traded left-handed reliever Hisanori Takahashi to the Rockies for a player to be named later. Takahashi will start with the Sky Sox. He debuted in the majors in 2010 as a starter for the New York Mets but has faced his share of struggles, especially recently.

Lastly, Chris Volstad has cleared waivers and will return to the Sky Sox. He was moved to make room for Roy Oswalt's return to the majors.