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Thursday Rockpile: Pitching preparation for the season's second half

When will this team be set, not counting injuries?


With Juan Nicasio continuing to struggle and the front office not looking to add a pitcher through trade, how long will it be before Drew Pomeranz rejoins the big league club? It may not be very long at all as some signs point to a move about to happen. This is only speculation on the author's part, but Drew was schedule to start on Thursday but now the Sky Sox site on has their pitcher as TBD.

The Rockies could fix two issues talked about in yesterday's rockpile with one player move. While the Rockies seem more likely to keep Nicasio starting by moving him to AAA if they replace him, Pomeranz could move to the starting rotation and Juan could move to the bullpen, making both the starting rotation and the relievers better. This move is made possible due to Drew Pomeranz finding some of the consistency the Rockies wanted him to work on in AAA.

However, Drew is still a work in progress. He is averaging fewer than six innings pitched per game this year and has a WHIP above 1.4 and averaging over two walks per start. He very likely will not be the panacea that many of us are hoping for but, at this point, should be an upgrade over Nicasio. One of my biggest concerns is how the amount of turnover, which is already high, will effect team chemistry.

The team already seems to bit of a revolving door and this can take a toll on a team as players look over their shoulder instead of focusing on the next game. I am all for putting the best players on the field but one may begin to wonder at the ability of the coaches and front office to recognize talent if they had to wait to games to pick their best 25. With the mid-point of the season coming up on Friday, it would be nice if the team found some consistency and chemistry to help them through the dog day of the season.

Other News

According to ESPN, the weather in Denver is either snow or mid-90s. A nice little paragraph about EY Jr returning to Coors Field with him sporting a .414 average for them so far.

Dexter Fowler's hand is still hurting from when he was hit by a pitch almost two weeks ago, he will have an MRI in Denver.

Thanks to two home runs yesterday, Michael Cuddyer has tied Dante Bichette's 23-game hit streak and will be looking to exceed it today against the Mets.

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