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Past & Present: Hitting streaks then and now

Michael Cuddyer has tied Dante Bichette's franchise record with a 23-game hitting streak, here's a look back on both of them.

Michael Cuddyer doing what he's done in every game for nearly a month, getting a hit.
Michael Cuddyer doing what he's done in every game for nearly a month, getting a hit.

Before Michael Cuddyer attempts to break Dante Bichette's franchise record hitting streak tonight against the Mets, here's a game-by game recap of the two streaks as they currently stand.

Game 1:

Bichette (5/22/95 vs CHC) - Bichette kicked off his 23-game streak with a 2-for-5 night at Coors Field against Cubs starter Jaime Navarro. His two-run double in the seventh helped the Rockies to a 9-8 win.
Cuddyer (5/28/13 at HOU) - Cuddyer started the streak with a 3-for-4 performance and an RBI double against Houston and starter Jordan Lyles in a 2-1 Rockies win.

Game 2:

Bichette (5/23/95 vs CHC) - Bichette had a pair of hits against Kevin Foster and the Cubs, who beat the Rockies 7-6.
Cuddyer (5/29/13 vs HOU) - Two of Cuddyer's three hits in the game came against Astros starter Erik Bedard, but the Rockies lost to Houston, 6-3.

Game 3:

Bichette (5/24/95 vs CHC) - Bichette hit his seventh home run of the season in the fourth inning off Cubs starter Frank Castillo. He also had an RBI single in a 5-3 Rockies loss.
Cuddyer (5/30/13 vs HOU) - Cuddyer had a pair of singles against Houston starter Lucas Harrell, but the Rockies fell, 7-5.

Game 4:

Bichette (5/26/95 at PIT) - Bichette extended his streak to four games with a double in the eighth inning off Pirates reliever Jim Gott that scored his current boss, Walt Weiss. However, the Rockies dropped a 4-2 decision to Pittsburgh.
Cuddyer (5/31/13 vs LAD) - Cuddyer's lone hit of the game was a run-scoring single in the third inning against Clayton Kershaw as the Dodgers beat the Rockies, 7-5.

Game 5:

Bichette (5/27/95 at PIT) - Future Rockie Denny Neagle allowed a pair of singles to Bichette as the Rockies lost their fourth straight game, 9-4.
Cuddyer (6/1/13 vs LAD) - Cuddyer's second inning single off Zack Grienke and seventh inning home run against Ronald Bellisario helped the Rockies to a 7-6 win over LA.

Game 6:

Bichette (5/28/95 at PIT) - Bichette went 3-for-5, driving in a run and scoring one as the Rockies beat the Pirates, 6-3.
Cuddyer (6/2/13 vs LAD) - Dodgers starter Mike Magill coughed up Cuddyer's 10th home run of the season as the Rockies beat Los Angeles, 7-2.

Game 7:

Bichette (5/29/95 at STL) - Bichette extended his streak with a fifth inning single against the Cardinals' Rich DeLucia and added another hit against Jeff Parrett in the seventh, but the Rockies lost, 6-5 in 11 innings.
Cuddyer (6/3/13 at CIN) - It took until the seventh inning for Cuddyer to extend his streak to seven games with a single off of Bronson Arroyo, who shut down the Rockies in a 3-0 Reds win.

Game 8:

Bichette (5/30/95 at STL) - A single and a double in five at bats extended Bichette's streak to eight, but Ken Hill and the Cardinals beat the Rockies, 8-5.
Cuddyer (6/4/13 at CIN) - Cuddyer singled and scored in the second inning against Reds starter Homer Bailey as the Rockies took home a 5-4 win.

Game 9:

Bichette (6/2/95 vs PIT) - Bichette went 1-for-4 with a first inning single against Pirates starter Esteban Loaiza in a 7-4 Rockies win.
Cuddyer (6/5/13 at CIN) - Cuddyer singled against Cincinnati starter Pedro Villarreal and doubled against Reds reliever Manny Parra in a 12-4 Rockies win.

Game 10:

Bichette (6/3/95 vs PIT) - Another first inning single, this one against Jon Lieber, extended Bichette's streak to 10 games and was his lone hit in four at bats in a 7-6 Rockies victory.
Cuddyer (6/6/13 vs SD) - Cuddyer was 1-for-5 with an RBI double in the fourth inning against the Padres' Andrew Cashner in a 6-5 Rockies loss.

Game 11:

Bichette (6/5/95 vs STL) - After a day off, Bichette extended his streak with a solo home run against St. Louis starter Mark Petkovsek as the Cardinals beat the Rockies, 9-5.
Cuddyer (6/13/13 vs WAS) - Cuddyer missed a week with an injury, but came back and extended his hitting streak with an RBI double against Ross Detweiler in a 5-4 Rockies loss.

Game 12:

Bichette (6/6/95 vs STL) - Bichette went 1-for-4 with a fifth inning double against the Cardinals' Allen Watson as the Rockies beat the Cardinals, 5-4.
Cuddyer (6/14/13 vs PHI) - Cuddyer's fifth inning single off Kyle Kendrick was his lone hit in five at bats as the Rockies fell to the Phillies by a score of 8-7.

Game 13:

Bichette (6/7/95 vs STL) - Bichette's RBI double in the fifth extended the Rockies lead to 4-2 as they went on to beat St. Louis, 7-3.
Cuddyer (6/15/13 vs PHI) - Cuddyer wasted no time extending his streak with an RBI single as part of a six-run first inning for the Rockies against Jonathan Pettibone. He added a single in the fifth inning of a 10-5 Rockies win.

Game 14:

Bichette (6/8/95 at CHC) - A third inning double extended Bichette's streak to 14 games. He also drew his only two walks of the streak in a 5-3 Rockies win.
Cuddyer (6/16/13 vs PHI) - It took until the seventh inning for Cuddyer to get a hit against Phillies starter Cole Hamels, but he doubled and added a single in the ninth inning as the Rockies won, 5-2.

Game 15:

Bichette (6/9/95 at CHC) - Bichette's RBI double in the 10th inning was his third hit of the day and delivered the Rockies a 2-1 extra-inning win over the Cubs.
Cuddyer (6/17/13 at TOR) - Cuddyer only had two official at bats, but managed a second inning single against Josh Johnson, but the Rockies were shut out, 2-0 by the Blue Jays.

Game 16:

Bichette (6/10/95 at CHC) - Bichette went 1-for-4 on the night with a single in the fourth inning that was the Rockies first hit of the game against Mike Morgan in a 3-0 loss.
Cuddyer (6/18/13 at TOR) - Cuddyer singled and scored in the seventh, his only hit of the game against Esmil Rogers in a 8-3 loss.

Game 17:

Bichette (6/11/95 at CHC) - Bichette was 2-for-5 with a double against Steve Trachsel and a single against Turk Wendell as the Rockies beat the Cubs, 5-1.
Cuddyer (6/19/13 at TOR) - A single in the first against Mark Buehrle extended Cuddyer's streak to 17 games, but he was hitless in his next four at bats with a pair of strikeouts in a 5-2 Rockies loss.

Game 18:

Bichette (6/12/95 vs CIN) - Bichette's double in the fifth inning against Kevin Jarvis was his lone hit in five trips to the plate as the Reds beat the Rockies, 11-6.
Cuddyer (6/20/13 at WAS) - Another first inning single, this time off of Jordan Zimmermann, pushed Cuddyer's streak to 18 as the Rockies dropped their fourth straight, 5-1 to the Nationals.

Game 19:

Bichette (6/13/95 vs CIN) - Bichette went 3-for-4 with an RBI double and a triple as the Rockies cruised to a 6-4 win over Cincinnati.
Cuddyer (6/21/13 at WAS) - It took until the second inning for Cuddyer to get a hit against Stephen Strasburg, but the Rockies lost their fifth straight game, 2-1.

Game 20:

Bichette (6/14/95 vs CIN) - Bichette's streak was in jeopardy until his infield single in the eighth inning against Reds reliever Hector Carrasco that helped cement a 10-4 win.
Cuddyer (6/22/13 at WAS) - Cuddyer once again wasted no time in extending his streak, pushing it to 20 with an RBI single in the first inning of a 7-1 Rockies win. It was his sixth straight game with exactly one hit.

Game 21:

Bichette (6/16/95 vs ATL) - Bichette had three of the Rockies' six hits against Tom Glavine, who threw a complete game shutout at Coors Field in a 2-0 Braves win.
Cuddyer (6/23/13 at WAS) - A first inning home run against Ross Detweiler kicked off Cuddyer's first multi-hit game in a week as he went 3-for-4 in a 7-6 win.

Game 22:

Bichette (6/17/95 vs ATL) - Bichette went 2-for-4 including a third inning double against Steve Avery and the Braves, who beat the Rockies, 7-1.
Cuddyer (6/25/13 at BOS) - Cuddyer had a pair of singles in five at bats as the Red Sox and Ryan Dempster took an 11-4 win.

Game 23:

Bichette (6/18/95 vs ATL) - An RBI double in the sixth extended Bichette's hitting streak to 23 in a 9-4 Rockies loss to the Braves.
Cuddyer (6/26/13 at BOS) - Cuddyer's two solo home runs, his 12th and 13th of the season, were the highlights of the Rockies' 5-3 loss to Boston.

Game 24:

Bichette (6/19/95 vs FLA) - The '95 Braves pitching staff couldn't stop Bichette's hitting streak, but the Marlins' Chris Hammond held Bichette to an 0-for-5 night as the Rockies lost to the Marlins, 7-2.
Cuddyer (6/27/13 vs NYM) - Cuddyer will get a chance to extend his hitting streak to a franchise-record 24 games against the Mets and Jeremy Hefner this afternoon at Coors Field.


Bichette and Cuddyer actually put up fairly similar numbers in their respective 23-game streaks. Bichette putting up a line of .404/.422/.596 (1.018 OPS) compared to Cuddyer's .375/.408/.583 (.991 OPS) clip. Bichette raised his batting average from .333 to .367 during his streak, and Cuddyer has raised his from .321 to .344 in the lasr 23 games. Bichette had just 97 at bats on the season when his streak started, while Cuddyer had 131 at bats when his streak began.

Between them, they walked just seven times in 205 plate appearances over the combined 46 games of their streaks, a walk rate of just 3.4%. However, they struck out just 28 times during their streaks, a K rate of 13.7%.

Surprisingly, the Rockies did not have a winning record during either streak, going just 11-12 during Bichette's 23-game streak and posting a 9-14 mark in Cuddyer's 23 straight games with a hit.

Today, Cuddyer has the opportunity to do something Bichette could not, extend his hitting streak to two dozen consecutive games.