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Giants vs. Rockies preview: Dexter Fowler still out

Corey Dickerson, who has been anything but praised for his defense throughout the minors, will start in center field again for the Rockies as Dexter Fowler continues to be bothered by a sore hand.

Doug Pensinger

Corey Dickerson's bat is going to bring value to the Colorado Rockies. I feel pretty confident about saying that. As for his glove? Uh ...

Dickerson doesn't exactly fail the eye test in the outfield. He's not a complete, unmitigated disaster out there. However, he's also not a center fielder, so hopefully Jorge De La Rosa can keep the ball on the ground enough today to make Dickerson's presence there a non-issue.

Meanwhile, Dexter Fowler will miss yet another game with a sore hand. It has been 16 days since he was hit by a pitch while trying to bunt against the Washington Nationals, and is 4-for-23 at the plate in six starts during that time. It's safe to say he probably should have just been put on the disabled list, but what do I know? I live in my mother's basement.

De La Rosa (8-4, 3.19) will make his third start against the Giants this season. He allowed eight runs on 17 hits in his previous two starts, so he'll need to clean it up a bit today to give the Rockies a chance to win.

Michael Cuddyer will look to extend his hitting streak to 26 games. He's starting in right field and batting cleanup. Todd Helton is back in the lineup, manning first base and batting fifth.

The game thread, which includes the full lineups, will be up shortly.