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MLB Draft 2013: Rockies selections, 1st round order and more

Who will be the latest Rockies first-round draft pick? We'll find out Thursday evening.

Mike Stobe

The 2013 MLB Draft gets underway on Thursday night at 4 p.m. MT on MLB Network with a one-hour preview show, and a little while later the Colorado Rockies will use the No. 3 overall pick, which they, uh, earned, following that abominable 2012 season with a 64-98 record. Only the Houston Astros (55-107) and the Chicago Cubs (61-101) finished with worse records than the Rockies.

The Rockies will have two more picks -- No. 42 overall in the second round and No. 70 overall in the Competitive Balance Round B between the second and third rounds -- on Thursday. Rounds 3-10 will take place Friday at 10:30 a.m. MT and Rounds 11-40 occur on Saturday beginning at 11 a.m. MT.

The Rockies haven't picked this high in the draft since 2006 when the team chose Stanford Cardinal right-handed pitcher Greg Reynolds with the No. 2 overall pick. Alas, Reynolds turned into a story of continual woe until he was traded in early 2012 to the Texas Rangers for Chad Tracy.

This will be the Rockies' 11th selection in the top 10 since the team started drafting in 1992. We can all agree that taking Todd Helton with the eighth overall pick in the 1995 draft was the team's best move when picking in the top 10. After that, Troy Tulowitzki at No. 7 in 2005 is starting to rival Helton's selection. (Maybe we should look forward to the 2015 draft since we've done well in the SSS of picking in years ending in a five.)

In 2012, David Dahl became the latest Rockies first-rounder when the team popped him with the 10th overall pick. He signed about a week later and went to the Pioneer League, where he dominated and earned league MVP honors. His 2013 season didn't get off to a great start, as he was demoted to extended spring training after one game with Asheville. Dahl returned in late April, but left a game on May 7 with an injury that turned out to be a torn hamstring. He is likely to miss three months.

Here is the complete draft order:

Round 1 Comp. Balance Round A Second Round Comp. Balance Round B
1. Houston Astros 34. Royals 40. Astros 69. Padres
2. Chicago Cubs 35. Marlins (from the Pirates) 41. Cubs 70. Rockies
3. Colorado Rockies 36. Diamondbacks 42. Rockies 71. A's
4. Minnesota Twins 37. Orioles 43. Twins 72. Brewers
5. Cleveland Indians 38. Reds 44. Marlins 73. Marlins (from the Tigers)
6. Miami Marlins 39. Tigers (from the Marlins) 45. Red Sox
7. Boston Red Sox 46. Royals
8. Kansas City Royals 47. Blue Jays
9. Pittsburgh Pirates (M. Appel - unsigned) 48. Mets
10. Toronto Blue Jays 49. Mariners
11. New York Mets 50. Padres
12. Seattle Mariners 51. Pirates
13. San Diego Padres 52. Diamondbacks
14. Pittsburgh Pirates 53. Phillies
15. Arizona Diamondbacks 54. Brewers
16. Philadelphia Phillies 55. White Sox
17. Chicago White Sox 56. Dodgers
18. Los Angeles Dodgers 57. Cardinals
19. St. Louis Cardinals 58. Tigers
20. Detroit Tigers 59. Angels
21. Tampa Bay Rays 60. Rays
22. Baltimore Orioles 61. Orioles
23. Texas Rangers 62. Rangers
24. Oakland Athletics 63. Athletics
25. San Francisco Giants 64. Giants
26. New York Yankees 65. Braves
27. Cincinnati Reds 66. Yankees
28. St. Louis Cardinals (K. Lohse) 67. Reds
29. Rays (B.J. Upton) 68. Nationals
30. Rangers (J. Hamilton)
31. Atlanta Braves (M. Bourn)
32. New York Yankees (N. Swisher)
33. New York Yankees (R. Soriano)

Round 3 Supp. Round Rounds 4-40
74. Astros 106. A's (K. Twomey - unsigned) Astros
75. Cubs Cubs
76. Mets (T. Stankiewicz - unsigned) Rockies
77. Rockies Twins
78. Twins Indians
79. Indians Marlins
80. Marlins Red Sox
81. Red Sox Royals
82. Royals Blue Jays
83. Blue Jays Mets
84. Mets Mariners
85. Mariners Padres
86. Padres Pirates
87. Pirates Diamondbacks
88. Diamondbacks Phillies
89. Phillies Brewers
90. Brewers White Sox
91. White Sox Dodgers
92. Dodgers Cardinals
93. Cardinals Tigers
94. Tigers Angels
95. Angels Rays
96. Phillies (A. Rash - unsigned) Orioles
97. Rays Rangers
98. Orioles Athletics
99. Rangers Giants
100. Athletics Braves
101. Giants Yankees
102. Braves Reds
103. Yankees Nationals
104. Reds
105. Nationals