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Game #61: San Diego Padres at Colorado Rockies

The Rockies will take on the 4th place Padres in game one of a four game set.

Dustin Bradford

Weiss announced earlier today that Dexter Fowler will sit out tonight's game with a migraine. Here are the lineups:

Colorado Rockies:

CF Young

3B Arenado

LF Gonzalez

SS Tulowitzki

RF Cuddyer

1B Pacheco

2B LeMahieu

P Chacin

San Diego Padres:

SS Cabrera

RF Venable

3B Headley

LF Quentin

2B Gyorko

1B Kotsay

CF Maybin

C Hundley

Game time: 6:40 PM MST

Discuss the game here, if you want to.

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