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Sunday Rockpile: Where are we going?

Yesterday was an interesting day for the Colorado Rockies and their fans. The club reactivated Jeff Francis from the DL and DFA'd Jon Garland.

Doug Pensinger

Yesterday was an interesting day for the Colorado Rockies and their fans. The club reactivated Jeff Francis from the DL and DFA'd Jon Garland. This wasn't a particularly surprising move, but then the Rockies optioned their only lefty in the bullpen who isn't currently the team's closer, sending Josh Outman back down I-25 and swapping him with Tyler Colvin.

I am of the opinion that Josh Outman should (and probably will) return to the team before too long. If some sources, rumors, and innuendo are to believed, it is possible that the logic behind this move is designed to give an already taxed bullpen a little break, while youngster Rob Scahill gets some MLB work. I have always been on team Colvin and he certainly looked ready to hit the ball last night. This could be a pivotal time in Tyler's career where he has a chance to prove he belongs in the big leagues.

If this move is truly intended to keep the bullpen fresh deep into the season, is is further evidence that the Rockies are constantly looking for their best combination of players to to put on the roster to keep them in contention. Now many Rockies fans, myself included, are wondering about the future for Eric Young Jr. He had a nice game last night but is still a defensive nightmare and if Tyler Colvin can hit even a little and if EY doesn't really turn things around at the plate, his days in a Rockies uniform could (and should) be numbered.

The best case scenario for this move is that the Rockies are currently searching for a trade partner for Eric Young Jr. If they find one, or if they don't and end up having to DFA him, then they can recall Outman and have Colvin stay on as the 4th outfielder.

Kind of a short Rockpile today due to internet derpage.

Aaron Sorkin quote of the day:

"Quo means where are we going?" -Sportsnight


Technically this is a link to to a Troy E Renck Denver Post article, but really it is a link via Renck to a blog entry from our old friend Ryan Spillborghs. One of my favorite Rockies of all time, Spilly discusses what he has learned and is still learning from his time in Japan, fascinating read.

The Hardball Times attempts to create an algorithm to calculate the value of running/stealing bases. This has been a hotly debated issue around here, and many times the conclusion we have collectively reached is one that we need more and better numbers to calculate the true value of being aggressive on the bases. While I don't think this algorithm is perfect, it's a decent place to start.

Dave Cameron at Fangraphs breaks down the new kind of leverage high draft picks like Mark Appel have under the new CBA.

Jonah Keri over at Grantland writes about Chris Davis' journey from reclamation project to legitimate MLB star.