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2013 Home Run Derby Thread

Michael Cuddyer will try to become the first ever Rockies player to win the Home Run derby.



  • Eight players, four from each league selected by captains David Wright and Robinson Cano will take turns attempting to launch balls over the wall.
  • Each player has 10 outs to work with and anything not a home run is an out.
  • The four players with the highest home run totals after Round One will advance to Round Two with the other four being eliminated.
  • Then, the two players with the most home runs in the semifinals (which includes the player's first round total) will advance to the finals.
  • Home run totals are cleared at the start of the Final Round and the player with the most home runs in the head to head face off is the winner.

The Players:

American League

Chris Davis, Orioles (L)

2013 HR: 37
Vegas Odds: 4/1

Robinson Cano, Yankees (L)

2013 HR: 21
Vegas Odds: 4/1

Prince Fielder, Tigers (L)

2013 HR: 16
Vegas Odds: 7/2

Yoenis Cespedes, A’s (R)

2013 HR: 15
Vegas Odds: 5/1

National League

Pedro Alvarez, Pirates (L)

2013 HR: 24
Vegas Odds: 6/1

Michael Cuddyer, Rockies (R)

2013 HR: 16
Vegas Odds: 10 /1

Bryce Harper, Nationals (L)

2013 HR: 13

Vegas Odds: 4/1

David Wright, Mets (R)

2013 HR: 13

Vegas Odds: 8/1

Troy Tulowitzki talked briefly with Troy Renck in this video about why Michael Cuddyer was selected to the Home Run Derby.