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Thursday Rockpile: Baseball - please come back

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As Jeff Aberle wrote yesterday, the day after the All-Star game is one of the least busy days in sports. With another off-day before the MLB second half begins, Thursday is proving to be yet another restful day for sports writers.

Doug Pensinger

I cannot wait for real baseball games to start again. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the Home Run Derby and the All-Star exhibition game that, for some reason, decides home field advantage in the world series. However, opening internet newspapers to find nothing of substance about our Purple-clad baseball team gets old quickly.

While it is nice to read about former Rockies' manager Clint Hurdle's feel good Pirates on both MLB and ESPN, I want to see how a lineup that is back to being healthy will workout for the Rockies. Articles like Tracy Ringolsby's piece on what to watch for on each team in the second half is interesting and catches me up on what is going on with the Marlins, but I want to know what the Rockies have planned if Drew Pomeranz can't figure out how to pitch this year.

The Rockies have some promise this year but also need to shore up a spot or two in the rotation, at least one arm in the bullpen, and could probably use one more bat, preferably someone who can hit left-handed pitching. These are topics that have received some ink but that I feel could use much more focus from our local paper.


Instead of looking at the Colorado Rockies, Troy Renck decided to discuss an injured Yankees shortstop with Troy Tulowitzki. Renck does throw a couple paragraphs in there about the Rockies willingness to get a pitcher, but not a rental.

Renck also offer's a piece on what will be happening in the American League for the second half of the season. Again, great information, but tell me something about the Rockies, even if it is just about Michael Cuddyer's newest card trick.

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