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Game 97: Jorge De La Rosa vs. Jeff Samardzija

The Rockies were in free fall before the all-star break, but have the opportunity to turn that around against the happless Chicago Cubs.


The Rockies are looking to make a good jump coming out of the gate after the All-Star Break. Featuring a lineup with three All-Stars and the indomitable De La Rosa on the mound, this game should be an opportunity for the team to start with its right foot forward. Can tonight's game be a start onto the road towards postseason contention?


Fowler, D CF

LeMahieu, D 2B

Gonzalez, C LF

Tulowitzki, T SS

Cuddyer, M RF

Helton, T 1B

Rosario, W C

Arenado, N 3B

De La Rosa, J P


Barney, D 2B

Ransom, C 3B

Rizzo, A 1B

Soriano, A LF

Castro, S SS

Lake, J CF

Sappelt, D RF

Castillo, W C

Samardzija, J P