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Colorado Rockies Game Wrap: Dodgers 10, Rockies 8

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In a game that seemed to have every possible bad thing happen to Colorado, we ended up with a close game until back to back home runs given up by, of all pitchers, Rex Brothers in the ninth. The Rockies would have had enough to tie the game up without those two late home runs, but were instead two runs short in this game.

The Dodgers outhit the Rockies 17 to 10 and their offense is looking pretty unstoppable right now. The Rockies, though, kept this close and will need to find a way to quiet these bats if they have a hope of staving off the sweep tomorrow on the 4th of July. Yasiel Puig may be out of the lineup tomorrow after running into the outfield wall while robbing the Rockies of a hit.

Tyler Chatwood did not look real good against this lineup, although an error in the first and one bad inning proved to be his undoing. This was his worst outing of the season, but with the lineup he was opposing, he was in a difficult position to keep the team in it. I, for one, think it is a bad idea to have Tyler and Roy Oswalt pitch back to back as their similar styles may make it easier for hitters. One of the major pluses for the Rockies was their ability to draw walks in this game, getting a total of nine which may be a team record for the season.

Other noteworthy items from the offense is that Carlos Gonzalez hit his 23rd home run of the year and all of the regulars reached base, with everyone but Michael Cuddyer reaching base twice. This was a tough loss, but gives hope that the team can pull out a win tomorrow

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