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Game 116 Preview: Manship vs. Gee

The Rockies look to close out this miserable road trip with a W

Jesse Johnson-US PRESSWIRE

The Rockies are turning to Jeff Manship today in an effort to right the (man)ship.  Manship doesn't have a whole lot of Major League experience; just 85 innings, all with the Twins, over the course of six or seven years.  He'll get his first Rockies start today.  In the Minors this year he pitched to a 4.85 ERA.  Also, his name sounds like some sort of made up masculine cliche, like Chest Rockwell, Brock Samson, or Zeus Thundergroin.

He'll match up against Dillon Gee, who is just swell.

The lineup looks like an absolute nightmare, with no Carlos Gonzalez or Troy Tulowitzki.  So it goes.

Colorado Rockies

1. Blackmon RF

2. LeMahieu 2B

3. Dickerson CF

4. Cuddyer 1B

5. Arenado 3B

6. Culberson LF

7. Torrealba C

8. Herrera SS

9. Manship P

New York Mets

1. Young LF

2. Legares CF

3. Murphy2B

4. Byrd RF

5. Davis 1B

6. Flores 3B

7. Recker C

8. Quintanilla SS

9. Gee P

Early baseball!