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Gamethread: Chad Bettis vs. Jeff Locke

Chad Bettis makes his home debut, Wilin Rosario plays first base, and the Colorado Rockies look to sweep arguably the best team in baseball.

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Chad Bettis' home debut is also a rare opportunity for the Colorado Rockies to get a series sweep.


Bad Guys:

1. Alex Presley LF

2. Jose Tabata RF

3. Andrew McCutchen CF

4. Pedro Alvarez 3B

5. Neil Walker 2B

6. Garret Jones 1B

7. Tony Sanchez C

8. Clint Barmes SS

9. Jef Locke P

Good Guys:

1. Dexter Fowler CF

2. DJ LeMahieu 2B

3. Troy Tulowitzki SS

4. Wilin Rosario 1B

5. Nolan Arenado 3B

6. Charlie Culberson LF

7. Yorvit Torrealba C

8. Charlie Blackmon RF

9. Chad Bettis P

Interesting that Wilin Rosario is playing first base. If he can do at least a semi-decent job there, it provides the Rockies with some flexibility moving forward.