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Game 129 Preview: Chad Bettis vs. Kyle Kendrick

The Rockies look to split with the Phillies

Hunter Martin

Chad Bettis will take the hill, and he could use a good outing.  In his four starts this year he has a 5.30 ERA while striking out just 8 in 18.2 innings. Meanwhile he has walked 12 and given up 21 hits. This seems a far cry from who he was in the Minors: a bulldog who struck out almost a batter an inning while limiting walks. He's coming off a horrendous 2.2 inning start against the Orioles were he surrendered 8 runs (to be fair, only two were earned.  Still, got to learn to limit the damage).

Opposing him is Kyle Kendrick, who is about as yawn-inducing a pitcher as exists in the whole world. He throws slow, doesn't really strike people out, and doesn't walk people. He can be hit. Also, he seems exactly like the kind of guy who would throw a 3-hit shutout against the Rockies.


1. Fowler (CF)

2. Dickerson (LF)

3. Tulowitzki (SS)

4. Cuddyer (RF)

5. Rosario (C)

6. Helton (1B)

7. Arenado (3B)

8. LeMahieu (2B)

9. Bettis (P)


1. Rollins (SS)

2. Young (1B)

3. Utley (2B)

4. Brown (LF)

5. Ruiz (C)

6. Ruf (RF)

7. Asche (3B)

8. Bernadina (CF)

9. Kendrick (P)