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Phillies 5, Rockies 4: Groundhog Day in Philadelphia

For the second consecutive night, the Rockies led the Phillies by one as the game entered the bottom of the ninth, and for the second consecutive night, the Phillies walked off with the win.

Brian Garfinkel

The conclusion seems undeniable; the Rockies have entered a permanent time loop whereby they have to relive the same day, over and over, for the rest of eternity.  There is no other explanation as to how the Rockies could lose another game in Philadelphia in exactly the same excruciating walk-off fashion.

Rafael Betancourt again came on in the ninth inning to seal a one run lead.  Once again, he let it slip away.  This time it was a Jimmy Rollins double and stolen base, followed by a Michael Young infield dribbler that surrendered the lead.  A single by Dominic Brown two spots later closed the deal.

The bad news about this daily reset and replay of the same day forever and ever?  The Rockies will have to lose in a walk off from now until the end of "time".  The good news?  Rafael Betancourt can have an opportunity to not blow out his elbow.  According to Troy Renck, the closer might have suffered a torn ligament.

If the ligament is really busted, he's gone for the year.  Or at least he would be, if it weren't for the fact that he's going to wake up tomorrow just as he did today, perfectly healthy, and fail to close out another game in Philly.

As tomorrow resets, we will see another young pitcher battle his way through five and a third strong innings, as Chad Bettis did today. Bettis gave up only a single run while striking out five.  He allowed six hits and a walk (and a balk.  What's going on with all the balks?  That's 13 called on Rockies pitching this season!).  It was his best start as a Rockie, and it was heartening to see his velocity creep up into the high nineties as the game wore on.

The bullpen couldn't finish things off though.  Wilton Lopez pitched a calm inning and two thirds, but the wheels began to come off in the eighth.  Josh Outman walked Chase Utley before recording an out.  Matt Belisle then came on to stifle the righties, but he gave up a two run homer to Darin Ruf to bring the Phillies within one at a score of 4-3.  That was the margin that Betancourt (and Francis after he replaced the injured closer) failed to maintain.

If we're looking for silver linings of this infinitely repeated walk-off loss to Philly, it's that we're going to see a lot of Wilin Rosario home runs.  He crushed a three run tater to left field tonight, his third dinger in the series.  Each of his homers went to a different part of the yard, left, center, and right.  It's nice to see the Baby Bull regain his power stroke.  We also should see Rosario, Tulowitzki, Cuddyer and LeMahieu break break the all time hitting streak record as they each recorded at least one hit in every game of the series.

But other than that, it's more of the same for the Colorado Rockies.  Another lost series on another losing road trip.  Anyway, I think I hear my alarm clock...

Babe.  I got you babe.  I got you babe.


Source: FanGraphs