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Game Wrap: Mets 2, Rockies 1 ... and the Earth keeps spinning

The Rockies got swept out of New York, but the world continues to rotate around its axis.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The bad news first: Colorado just got swept by the Mets, scoring a total of 3 runs in the series.  It completes a road trip for the ages, where the Rockies won once and lost nine times.  Both Carlos Gonzalez and Tyler Chatwood are on the Disabled List.  We are in one of the worst stretches of baseball in Rockies history.  The good news?  Planet Earth is continuing its orbit around the sun.

Jeff Manship got the start today, and he was not bad, considering he had to drive from Colorado Springs to Denver, take the red-eye flight to New York, take the subway to his hotel, fight off three muggers, and wrestle an alligator before he got to the ball park.  The weary Manship threw five innings and surrendered two runs while striking out four and walking three.  He gave way to Jeff Francis and the rest of the bullpen, who kept the Mets scoreless and did not send terra firma spinning off into oblivion.

So the Rockies gave up two runs?  That's great right?  They ought to have a great chance of winning, you might think.  Boy, you sure are wrong!  Because today's AAA lineup (lacking Carlos Gonzalez, Troy Tulowitzki, Todd Helton, and Dexter Fowler) scored only once, on a Corey Dickerson home run.  They scattered seven singles against Mets pitching and never mounted much of a threat.  This entire road trip has been a showcase of offensive futility, though it never got so bad as to cause the implosion of the universe.

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The Rockies return home for a weekend set against the Pittsburgh Pirates, where they will attempt to continue their streak of not sending Earth careening into the bottomless void.