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Giants 4, Rockies 3: Back to reality

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The Rockies left their bullpen in August, hopefully they find it soon.

Thearon W. Henderson

Juan Nicasio pitched effectively for five innings and the 'B' lineup hit well enough to be up 3-1 as the bullpens took over.  If you have watched the rest of Rockies baseball in September, you already knew what was coming next.  Other than their Tuesday night game, this team has had no chance of winning a close game, whether you want to blame this on the manager, lack of a lineup that can score more runs, or the bullpen, it has not bode well for the Rockies.

Here is a quote from the manager on

"We've played a lot of close games, Every time we come here, it's a war. It seems like every game here is like this. Sometimes you're going to lose close games."

Weiss has an interesting definition of sometimes.  Every game for the Rockies this month has been within three runs and the Rockies are 3-7 in those games.  I think by sometimes he meant either a majority of the time or two out of three times.  Don't worry though, at least the Rockies go to Arizona tomorrow...on second thought, be worried.  The Rockies are now one half game out of last place in the division, a place I did not think that they would have to worry about this year.

Other than Nicasio, Rockies who did well today include: Michael Cuddyer (3-4, 1 run) and Nolan Arenado (2-4, 2 runs batted in).  Chad Bettis threw one shut out inning, Tulo pinch hit in the ninth and lined a base hit into center field, and Dickerson, Culberson, and Herrera combined to get the Rockies' other three hits.


<iframe src="" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" height="450" width = "450" style="border:1px solid black;"></iframe><br /><span style="font-size:9pt;">Source: <a href="">FanGraphs</a></span>

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