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MLB scores: Wilin Rosario finds redemption in Rockies' 7-5 win over Diamondbacks

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Colorado's backstop made up for a poor play behind the plate with a pair of big hits.

Christian Petersen

Life is a complicated thing full of twists and turns and struggles and redemption. All of that rings true in flood-ridden Boulder County, Colo., right now, just as it does with Rockies catcher Wilin Rosario behind the plate.

That was evident in the fifth inning on Friday against the Diamondbacks, when Rosario tried to backhand a pitch that had no chance of being caught like that. The pitch, of course, found its way to the backstop and Arizona's Eric Chavez found his way to the plate with the tying run.

The play was scored as a wild pitch, but Rosario should have been able to keep Tyler Chatwood's offering in front of him. Instead, Colorado wound up with another squandered lead and seemed headed for yet another unraveling.

But this time, the Rox didn't come apart at the seams. Instead, Rob Scahill induced a ground out to end the inning, and the Rockies got their lead back a few frames later, largely because of a big hit by none other than the catcher who got them into this mess in the first place.

The Baby Bull launched a 2-1 curveball from former teammate Will Harris to the right-centerfield wall, plating a pair of runs and giving the Rox a 5-2 lead. Charlie Blackmon's triple added a couple more and ensured an area full of good people dealing with tough circumstances can find a little joy in tasty, well-priced fast food on Saturday.

Rosario and Blackmon weren't the only Rockies youngsters to come up big on Friday; Corey Dickerson had three hits, DJ LeMahieu provided a pair of knocks to go along with his usual brand of solid defense and Chad Bettis was flat-out dominant in an inning of relief.

Miguel Montero tried to spoil the fun with a three-run homer off of Manny Corpas in the ninth inning, but the Rockies prevailed, just as Boulder and its surrounding areas will.

Enjoy life, enjoy tacos and enjoy these young Rockies.


Source: FanGraphs

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