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Walt Weiss provides injury updates, comments on his contract status before game 156 against the Diamondbacks

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The Rockies try to run their home record against the Diamondbacks to 6-2 this year on a balmy Saturday night at Coors Field.


DENVER -- Collin McHugh hadn't pitched for over two weeks in game action, an eternity in this day and age, before he was pressed into action against the Cardinals by Jorge De La Rosa's thumb injury. All he did was hold the NL's most potent lineup to four hits and one run in five innings, earning the victory in the process.

"It was an impressive outing", manager Walt Weiss said before today's game. "To throw him into the fire like that against a club like that and for him to show up like he did is quite an accomplishment...he'd been throwing some pens, staying active, but throwing a pen's a lot different than going out there and facing the St. Louis Cardinals and he really stepped up".

The Rockies are hopeful that McHugh provides a similar performance today against Trevor Cahill and the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Weiss, who is nearly at the end of his one year contract as manager of the Rockies, commented on his status before the game.

"I think it's pretty simple. I want to come back, the front office knows that I want to come back, but as far as any contract talks there's been none...there will be a time for that, but up til now there's been absolutely no talks".

When asked if there had been times this season where he had doubted his intention to return to the Rockies, Weiss replied that "It's not always going to be roses as a manager in this league. There's always going to be tough days and tough weeks, but I never got to the point where I felt like I didn't want to come back".

"I'm used to the ups and downs of the season, I'm used to the game beating you up plenty as a player. As players, over time you develop that mentality of perseverance and trying to endure. That's how I looked at this season as a manager. It's not a whole lot different than how I looked at it as a player. The grind of the season is exactly what I remember it to be".

Weiss also had some injury updates before the game:

Michael Cuddyer: "He wants to get back out there - he doesn't want to sit around and he's doing everything he can to get back on the field".

Wilin Rosario: "His calf cramped up on him a few times, but I think it's more of a strain. He's made some improvements from yesterday to today, but he's still a few days away from getting the start".

Nolan Arenado: "(His finger's) still bugging him - the way he was swinging last night wasn't great. He wants so much to be in the lineup that he was able to talk me into it last night but I could see that it was still tender. It'll be hit and miss from here on the rest of the way".



I'm in the press box tonight, so let me know if you've got any burning questions you want me to ask!