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Sunday Rockpile: Twice is Weiss

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The Colorado Rockies will be keeping their manager through 2014. Good move? Bad move? Just a move?

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Colorado Rockies manager Walt Weiss is expected to return for the 2014 season.

This probably doesn't come as a galloping shock to anyone who has watched the Rockies over the last decade and there seems to be room for plenty of schools of thought on this one.

On the side in support of retaining Weiss are the facts that one year is obviously a small sample size especially for someone in their first try. This season has certainly been plagued by injury and there is nothing the manager can do about that. Also, from most accounts it sounds as though Weiss is a perfectly lovable guy that gets along well with both management and the players.

On the flip side, many (myself included) are a bit weary of some of the mantras Weiss has touted this season including aggressiveness on the base-paths, lack of aggressiveness in his own attitude, and a seeming disregard for advanced metrics or number based analysis as best evidenced by his arguable overuse of the bunt.

Perhaps the biggest gripe about Walt Weiss could be summed up in his adherence to what many refer to as "The Big Book of Baseball Rules." In other words, Weiss often clings to old-school methods (bunt, hit n' run) which often stand in direct contrast to what many baseball intellectuals of the new school are preaching.

It's difficult to judge at this point, and many see 2014 as one more building year, eyeing 2015 for contention. If this is the case, why not give Weiss another shot to see what he can do with (hopefully) a healthier lineup.

I, on the other hand, think next year is a pivotal season in the Rockies franchise history and one in which they could easily contend if only a handful of things break their way. I would like to see a more metric minded approach from the Rockies manager, but all things considered we could do a lot worse than Walt Weiss.