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Thursday off-topic

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Doug Pensinger

The game thread/overflow went pretty off-topic last night in my mind.  At first I was upset because we had Todd's last game and the thread was going nowhere fast.  After further reflection though, I am fairly new to posting and I realize that all of you had a lot of emotions tied up in last night's events and it caused the friction.

So here is the off-topic for the day.  For those that are not banned, go crazy discussin' Breaking Bad, dating advice for our younger readers, etc.  But please remember the blog's rules or face the consequences.

This is my last rockpile/off-topic of my first season with the Purple Row team.  Thanks for all the fun and bearing with me as I have learned to provide all of you with, hopefully, a better product every week.  I look forward to the off-season and am excited to see what the FO can do and how the team will come together for 2014.