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Wednesday Pebble Report: Roy Oswalt throws 5⅔ scoreless innings

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Tuesday was light on baseball games in the Rockies' system, but heavy on Roy Oswalt.

Christian Petersen

Grand Junction, W 3-1 (32-39)
Roy Oswalt appears to be on track to make a start for the big-league Rockies following Tuesday night's 5⅔ scoreless innings. He scattered three hits, walked one, and struck out two. Manuel Montilla and Blake Shouse closed out the game. The latter picked up the save after allowing one run over three innings.

The Rockies scored the first run of the game in the bottom of the first after Jordan Patterson, who walked and took second on a wild pitch, scored on Miguel Dilone's single to center. A run on a passed ball in the seventh gave the Rockies a 2-0 lead, and Ryan Garvey's homer (4) to center field in the bottom of the eighth made up for the run Shouse allowed in the top of the frame.

Comments from Oswalt can be found at the end of this Notebook article.

Grand Junction will be back on the field Wednesday night to play the final stretch of the regular season. The Tulsa Drillers and the Modesto Nuts begin their playoff runs in the Texas and California Leagues this night.