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Monday Pebble Report: Grand Junction finishes regular season

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The final regular season minor league game for the 2013 Rockies system has been played, and it ended in a victory. Read all about it below!

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODA

Grand Junction 6, Ogden 3

Jose Briceno and Jairo Rosario both went deep in the final regular season game for the Grand Junction Rockies. Rosario knocked in three runs, while Briceno joined Ryan Garvey in the two-hit game club. Raimel Tapia tripled, while Correlle Prime scored twice.

Manuel Montilla made his first start of the year, spending most of the season working as a Grand Junction reliever. He allowed five hits over four innings, walking none and striking out three. Two earned runs crossed the plate under his watch. He was followed by William Waltrip, who didn't allow a hit during his three innings (though he did walk two batters). Scott Firth allowed one run in the ninth, but got credit for a two inning save. Waltrip got his first pro win.

Tomorrow evening, the GJ Rockies will begin a best of three playoff series. Keep an eye open for more MiLB content from me during the offseason. Soon I should be writing an article to break down the departing MiLB free agent class, and looking who we might re-sign.