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Saturday Rockpile: No news

There's really not a lot happening with the Rockies, or baseball in general, right now. It's just that quiet time of the year.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Most of the big-name free agents have signed and spring training is still a few weeks away, so there really isn't a whole lot to talk about as far as baseball goes in this last week of January.

It's the time of year that fans and media fill with things like fan fests (happening at Coors Field today), prospect lists (yay Jon Gray!) and shows like "Top 10 Right Now" on MLB Network. That's not to say any of that is a bad thing, I love the "Top 10 Right Now" shows, they're great fun, but they show how things have changed recently.

These days with the internet and the constant news cycle, baseball has to be a 24/7/365 entity, when at times there just isn't enough happening to generate that much interest, so people say, "You know what, let's do some lists." It's not just baseball either, football and basketball do it during their slow times, too.

Contributing to the lack of Rockies news is the fact that the Broncos are in the Super Bowl. Even Troy Renck has been pulled off of Rockies duty this week to head to New Jersey to cover the game. The last Rockies-related article on The Denver Post's website is a filler piece about Brothers from Tuesday.

But that's why we have places like Purple Row, where us baseball die-hards can come talk Rockies every day of the year. So, enjoy the conversation baseball fans and I'll leave you with the inspiration for this article's title, country band Lonestar's 1996 hit, "No News."


Here's that piece on Brothers from Renck, other than that, there's not much out there.