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Who is the Face of the Rockies? You decide!

You can decide the face of the Colorado Rockies, and eventually, the face of Major League Baseball. Get to it!

Mike Ehrmann

Troy Tulowitzki. Carlos Gonzalez. Michael Cuddyer.

Now that Todd Helton has headed for the greener pastures of life after baseball, which one of these guys is the face of the Rockies? Or, is it somehow another purple-clad player? You can do your part to make sure the best possible player is represented by casting your vote for MLB Network's Face of the Rockies today.

The Rockies player selected by fans will be entered into a bracket that will decide the 2014 Face of MLB. My personal pick is Tulowitzki (even though I actually tweeted Dan O'Dowd -- har har har).

Tulo was -- somewhat surprisingly to me, at least -- the winner last year and was beaten out by Washington Nationals star third baseman Ryan Zimmerman in the first round of the bracket.

Cincinnati Reds first baseman Joey Votto eventually won the entire bracket and was named the Face of MLB for 2013, edging out Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Matt Kemp.

To cast your vote, simply tweet your pick using the hashtag #FaceofRockies. The winner will be announced on MLB Network's Hot Stove on Monday, Jan. 6. The show begins at 7 a.m. MT.

For additional details, click here.