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Walt Weiss talks prospects, Trevor Story continues hot start in AFL

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Walt Weiss spent some time with Colorado's prospects, while Trevor Story continued to hit the ball well in the Arizona Fall League.

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Now that leadership changes have been made reluctantly by Dick Monfort after yet another disappointing year, talk for the Colorado Rockies has turned to prospects. Don't worry though, I do have one article from Tracy Ringolsby that gives a little more insight into our new general manager.

Weiss likes position switch for prospect Herrera -

In an otherwise excellent article that provides a great deal of information for Rockies' fans on the young prospects in the organization, the topic that provides the title for this article leaves me confused. I understand that Troy Tulowitzki and maybe even Trevor Story are blocking Rosell Herrera from reaching the big leagues as a shortstop. However, there is no one ahead of Rosell in the minor league system at third base. Sure, Nolan Arenado is with the big league team but he could decide to go to the highest bidder in a couple of years. Ryan McMahon, meanwhile, lit up the SAL at third base but he has a long way to go before we know he can make it through the system.

Pushing Herrera into a competition with David Dahl, who is two years younger and who had nearly as many extra base hits in less than half the at bats in time together at Modesto this year does not seem like a good plan. He also has Raimel Tapia, who played center field for the Tourists once Dahl was promoted this year, pushing him from behind. Add to that the crowded outfield at the major league level and there doesn't seem to be a lot of room for someone who needs to recover their hitting stroke after injury and is trying to learn a new position. If the team was going to go in this direction, second base would seem to be a better position.

Colorado Rockies have strong crop of talent in their farm system -

This article, on the other hand, does not have nearly as much detail or research put into it. It really is half an article about Eddie Butler and then information from the Rockies' development staff on who they think are the top six to ten prospects in the system.

Story sparks Rafters' 11-run inning -

Good news from yesterday's fall league game. Trevor Story and Jayson Aquino both had good days as Salt River won 12-2. Aquino pitched four scoreless innings, striking out three and allowing only one hit with zero walks. Trevor Story had a double while going two for five, scoring twice and getting three RBIs. Ryan Casteel also had a good afternoon, hitting a double and walking twice in his five plate appearances.

O'Dowd's decision to step down opens door -

This is the Tracy Ringolsby article I mentioned in the opening paragraph. It provides some insight into our new GM and also some of the issues that have plagued the team over the past five years. For an organization that preaches loyalty, it is interesting that the manager and now the general manager have turned down good money due to the quality of his work environment.