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Sunday Rockpile: Colorado Rockies culture

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Have the Rockies made any real significant changes in the last week? Is "culture" really such a major factor in such a numbers driven sport?

Victor Decolongon

More talk surrounding the Rockies changes in the front office Sunday as Patrick Saunders talks to the former catcher about the importance of the position and some highly-layered hypotheticals about some moves the Rockies might, maybe, think about making in that department eventually. Maybe.

Thomas Harding jumps into the passion that new GM Jeff Bridich has for the game of baseball and gets a vote of confidence from outfielder Charlie Blackmon.

Blackmon recalls Bridich being an "accountability" guy.

"We were playing sloppy, making mental errors," said Blackmon, who at the time was working his way back from injury. "And then someone didn't run down the line after getting jammed. Jeff stopped practice, came over and explained that we were better than that, and needed to start playing like it. It was good to see that kind of competiveness out of him.

Adam Peterson over at Rockies Zingers has a nice take on the term "culture of value" as it relates to the Colorado Rockies. What does it really mean? What do they want it to mean? And is such a term worthy of the constant mockery it receives? An important question considering Bridich comes directly out of this school of thought.

It remains to be seen whether there has been any kind of actual culture shift in the Rockies organization. This winter should tell us a lot about whether Dick Monfort will even allow such an idea to threaten to permeate his will-maintained bunker of thought, at which point you might as well have Rusty the Clown as GM for all the difference it will make.