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Saturday Rockpile: All quiet on the Western Front

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The Rockies (and MLB) appear to be settling in for a quiet weekend in the lead up to the World Series.

Denis Poroy

With a break in post season play over the weekend and not a lot happening inside the Rockies organization, it is likely to be a quiet weekend for baseball writing on the internet, especially dealing with Colorado. Here is what I could find for you:


Rockies 2014 Player Grades: D.J. LeMahieu, 2B -

It is probably what all of us would say about DJ - he is an impressive infielder that leaves us wanting more from him at the plate. What is not mentioned in the article, or at least I missed it, is that this was LeMahieu's worst offensive season in his 2+ years with the Rockies. I am not sure if this is because now that team's have more film on him they have found his weaknesses or if the toll of playing basically everyday for the first time in his career wore on him or if this was just a down year for him. compares his offensive career thus far to Miguel Cairo, which at first doesn't seem bad for the Rockies. After all, a career .675 OPS from a defensive minded player that helped turn the most double plays in the majors this year seems like a good balance.

The problem is that D.J. plays half his games at Coors and when you look at the splits (.316/.373/.407 at home, .216/.250/.286 on the road), it makes it obvious that his Coors inflation leaves his overall numbers looking respectable when in reality he would not make most team's roster with that bat. At 26, he can get better, but in trying to build a more consistent lineup both 1 through 8 and on the road as well as at home, his spot on the team is a place that can be upgraded.

Brothers striving for greater consistency in 2015 -

This is a couple of days old so I apologize if you already have read it. While the title may seem obvious, the Rockies need Brothers, and the rest of the bullpen, to improve next year to be competitive. The Rockies were not good in close games last year and did not meet their projected win total based on run differential either. This can be blamed, in part, on manager Walt Weiss not having a bullpen he could rely on to finish the game. Changing this alone would put the Rockies a lot closer to .500.

Salt River Box Score -

There actually was baseball played yesterday, and Rockies prospects had mixed results. 1B/C Ryan Casteel went 2 for 4 with a sacrifice fly and 2 RBIs, giving him a .323/.405/.419 line in 8 AFL games so far. Trevor Story, on the other hand, went 0 for 5, lowering his fall league batting average to .207.

Around MLB

How to pick off Terrance Gore -

A great look at how Kansas City has used its 25th man to provide a late inning advantage. It is important to note that the Royals used an experienced defender as their bench player to start the season but moved to bringing up Gore to fill a very specific role as the team looked to compete down the stretch run. Not sure what to learn from this for the Rockies, but it is definitely interesting.