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Five worst moments of the Rockies' 2014 season

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It's OK to laugh now, right?

Doug Pensinger

When a baseball team finishes 66-96, it usually means that a lot of bad things happened. With the Colorado Rockies, that usually means injuries, Little League-caliber boneheaded plays and gut-wrenching losses. We had all of that, plus so much more, in 2014.

Here's a look at the worst of the worst.

5) June 21: That's not how you play baseball

Christian Friedrich didn't pitch exceptionally well in his first big league start of 2014, but the Rockies' defense certainly didn't do him any favors (though Friedrich falling asleep didn't help, either). Ouch.

4) May 23: Head-first slides were invented by Satan

The Rockies' season had already begun to take a tailspin, but this was one of the main factors that essentially ended their season. Nolan Arenado was playing his typical brand of Gold Glove defense and was tearing the cover off the ball as well, establishing himself as a darkhorse MVP candidate until ...

3) June 23: Have a nice trip, Corey

Just a day after the wild pitch heard 'round the world, Corey Dickerson hit a laser to right field that was misplayed six ways from Sunday. The Rockies' young outfielder, in the midst of a breakout season, had a clear path to an error-aided inside the park home run but ate it halfway there before being thrown out at the plate. Colorado, of course, went on to lose the game by one run.

2) July 19: Tulo? Hurt again? Noooooo ...

Troy Tulowitzki didn't even make it a full series after the All-Star break. He was having by far his best season, too. Ugh ... that's really all I'm going to say about this.

1) May 28: They're not saying "boo," they're saying ... well, yeah, they're saying "boo"

This, to me, was the real demise of the Rockies' season. And it was unfortunate as hell. I still like the move Walt Weiss made to pull LaTroy Hawkins, who had already blown the lead, and go with Boone Logan in a left-on-left matchup against the Ghost of Ryan Howard. Unfortunately, it was a precursor to the mix of terrible luck and awful play that plagued the Rockies for the remainder of 2014.

How does your list look? Let us know. And, as always, FanPosts are encouraged!