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Rockies win the transitive property World Series

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The Giants won the World Series for the third time in five years last night. Ew. But at least the Rockies can say they took the season series from the champs, including a particularly fun sweep at AT&T Park in June.

If only Alex Gordon wasn't so slow, he could have replicated this scene from June.
If only Alex Gordon wasn't so slow, he could have replicated this scene from June.
Ezra Shaw

Hochman: Madison Bumgarner makes old-school aces proud of him - The Denver Post
Reporting from Kansas City, Benjamin Hochman says that Madison Bumgarner's MVP performance in the World Series has made aces from the past, including Jack Morris and Bret Saberhagen, proud. On another note, Bumgarner had a 3.25 ERA against the Rockies this season in five starts, coughing up five home runs in 36 innings.

Giants win the World Series - McCovey Chronicles
Seeing as the Giants won the World Series last night, I'm obligated to include Grant Brisbee's take on it, so here it is.

Barry Bonds is cruising around San Francisco, handing out high fives - McCovey Chronicles
I really only included this so I could say at least that jerk never won a World Series, right? Jeff Kent, too, for that matter.

Giants smash Royals' magical season, win 3-2 - Royals Review
For the Kansas City perspective on things, here is Matthew LaMar's excellent wrap up of the game, series and season for the Royals for Royals Review.

Around MLB

Joe Maddon set to become Cubs manager, sources say - CBS Sports
As expected, it didn't take Joe Maddon long to find work after leaving Tampa Bay, as CBS Sports' Jon Heyman reports he is going to take the manager's job on the north side of Chicago.

Five stats that defined the 2014 season - Beyond the Box Score
As always, Beyond the Box Score has a unique take to wrap up the season, choosing five individual stats that tell the story of the 2014 baseball season.

Michael Cuddyer: Match Made in Purgatory - Rockies Zingers
For your daily dose of Rockies, Jake Shapiro takes a look back at Michael Cuddyer's three seasons in Colorado and whether he should return to the Rockies in 2015.