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Rockies season review 2014: Jason Pridie stuck with Colorado, was rewarded with 2 MLB games

Hey, Pridie played two more MLB games in 2014 than you did!

Rob Tringali

It's a good thing Jason Pridie's threats to opt out of his minor league contract on July 1 proved empty. Otherwise, he never would have had the opportunity to put up 0.1 rWAR in 10 innings for the Rockies in 2014!

What happened

Pridie, who hit .278/.341/.433 with 12 homers for Triple-A Colorado Springs, received a call from the Rockies a couple of weeks before Aug. 15, the updated date for his opt-out clause. I'm sure he was thrilled to play for a team that was well out of playoff contention by the time he got there.

Anyhow, Pridie played really well defensively in the very limited amount of time he spent with the Rockies. In just two games, Pridie accumulated positive rWAR despite going 0-for-4 with a couple of strikeouts at the plate. Pride started one game, manning left field in a 4-0 road loss to the Tigers on Aug. 3. Two days later, Pridie was used as a defensive sub in right field and scored a run after reaching on an error in a 6-5 loss to the Cubs at Coors Field.

I've already written far too much about Pridie, who now has a .225/.298/.364 line in the big leagues. And, oh yeah, the 31-year-old Phoenix native declared minor league free agency on Oct. 9.

2014 Grade: Incomplete

Pridie was better than a replacement player. Just sayin'.