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Rockies complete coaching changes, just need to hire pitching coaches

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The Rockies fired their two pitching coaches last week, and that will apparently be the extent of the changes.

David Banks

Rockies GM Jeff Bridich: Changes to coaching staff done - Denver Post

I doubt that anyone was disappointed when Jeff Bridich and Walt Weiss said "so long" to pitching coaches Jim Wright and Bo McLaughlin last week; the Rockies were coming off one of the worst pitching seasons in their history. The rest of the crew, though, will be sticking around for next season.

As Patrick Saunders notes in the article, hitting coach Blake Doyle presided over one of the worst road offenses the Rockies have ever put together. That's going to have to change next year.

Bridich regarding the search for new pitching coach(es):

"We are looking for men who will wake up with energy every day, eager to go and work for the players," he said. "We are looking at a range of experience, inside and outside of our organization, so we won't have a narrow viewpoint at all. And it's important that we have people who can work well together."

So he's keeping his cards close to his vest.

Rockies 2014 player grades: LHP Brett Anderson - Denver Post

Saunders gives Anderson an "incomplete" for the season, which sounds about right. When he was on the mound, Anderson was excellent, working quickly and inducing soft contact. The problem was he was never on the mound. Jeff Bridich and the Rockies will have to make a tough decision on Anderson's $12 million option for next season -- and according to the article that decision could happen soon.

Rockies encouraged by growth of resilient Ottavino -

Ottavino was a rare right spot in a calamitous bullpen last year. His fastball gained a few ticks in 2014 and his slider induced some pretty weird swings. Reworking the bullpen will be yet another challenge for the new GM.