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Saturday Rockpile: Rockies system deepest it has ever been

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According to's Tyler Maun, the Rockies may have some very bright days ahead. Y'know, way ... WAY ahead.

Justin Edmonds

Not a lot of news coming out of Colorado. October can be a slow time for baseball around these parts. Sadface.

But rejoice! There is still something Colorado-related worth cheering for. Former Rocky Mountain star pitcher Marco Gonzalez made his MLB postseason debut with a scoreless inning yesterday. Atta kid.

He made his MLB debut here in Colorado and now he is in the playoffs. How can you not be romantic about baseball?

The universe has an exceptional sense of irony: how great is it that Clayton Kershaw and Adam Wainwright combined to give up as many runs yesterday as they had in all of September? All together now, you can't predict baseball! (But you sure can get mad at those to fail to!)

In actual Rockies news, MiLB writer, Purple Dinosaur Podcaster, and fellow excellent-beard-haver, Tyler Maun wrote an excellent piece on the Rockies' minor league All-Stars. I would have put Kevin Padlo at third base but otherwise completely agree with his selections. One thing worth noting is his assertion that "The current crop of prospects is one of the deepest in franchise history."

The guys over at Mile High Maniac gave out Rockies only end-of-season awards. It's easier to win them that way.