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Purple Dinosaur Podcast No. 28: Putting a bow on 2014

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Tyler and Anthony review 2014 with Rockies rookie standout Tyler Matzek and chat Isotopes with Chris Jackson in the latest episode of the Purple Dinocast

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Dustin Bradford

The fellas in the PDP are back after a brief hiatus, and (shocker) absolutely nothing has changed with the Rockies' front office! On the Nolan Arenado/Aaron Cook Memorial Edition of the 'cast, the guys chat backing into a batting title, what changes (if any) will be made, and they bring on Albuquerque expert Chris Jackson to talk 'Topes! Also Tyler M. talks with another Tyler M. as Mr. Matzek proves who the real Tyler M. is.

Got it?

This won't be the final PDP of 2014 because you can't get rid of us that easily. We'll be doing shows every few weeks until the season starts again because let's be honest, this is a big offseason for the Rockies. Action or inaction, there will be things to complain about.

Thank you all so much for your support of the PDP this season. We've had a blast doing it, and we hope you haven't wanted to Van Gogh your ears too often.

Keep checking back on Purple Row for more episodes, and of course, follow us on Twitter @purpledinocast for all your snap observations and terrible jokes.

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