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Media reaction to the Rockies' front office changes

Dan O'Dowd and Bill Geivett are out and Jeff Bridich is in as Rockies general manager, here is all the reaction, mostly from The Denver Post, who was all over the story.

Doug Pensinger

Dan O'Dowd's reign is over after 15 years on the job - The Denver Post
First up is Nick Groke, who chronicles the successes and failures, mostly failures, of O'Dowd's decade and a half as Rockies general manager, and also has some reaction to the change from Rockies manager Walt Weiss.

Dan O'Dowd's tenure with the Rockies: A look behind the numbers - The Denver Post
Groke also has a look at some of the numbers associated with O'Dowd's time with the Rockies, including comparisons to other GMs throughout baseball and with the other three Denver franchises.

Hochman: Rockies resignations first step out toward relevance - The Denver Post
Denver Post columnist Benjamin Hochman opines that the removal of O'Dowd and Geivett can be the first step back to relevance for the Rockies, and outlines other steps he feels they must take to get there. To the point of Hochman's column, I scoured the Web for some national reaction to O'Dowd/Bridich change and did not find anything.

O'Dowd's decision to step down opens door -
Tracy Ringolsby discusses some of the circumstances that led to O'Dowd's resignation, including the revelation that the Rockies offered him a contract extension, which he turned down in favor of resigning. Ringolsby also lays out the opportunity that has been presented to Bridich.

Jeff Bridich, new Rockies GM, is bright, young Dan O'Dowd protege - The Denver Post
With Groke looking back at O'Dowd's tenure as Rockies GM, Patrick Saunders profiles his replacement, outlining Bridich's credentials as a four-year player at Harvard and his time as O'Dowd's right-hand man.

Kiszla: Free advice to new Rockies GM Jeff Bridich - The Denver Post
Mark Kiszla has eight pieces of advice for the Rockies' new general manager, a couple of them are actually pretty good, but a couple are also really bad, with a few that could go either way.

Rockies GM Jeff Bridich vows to be his own man - The Denver Post
Despite describing Bridich as O'Dowd's protege in his other piece, Saunders talks with Bridich, who insists he will not be an O'Dowd clone.

New Rockies GM Jeff Bridich well aware of high-altitude reality - The Denver Post
Groke and Saunders have some quotes from Bridich about his approach to baseball at altitude as well as some other notes about the Rockies' front office changes.

Fans support Rocks' change - The Denver Post
A fifth Denver Post writer, Irv Moss, gets in on the coverage with some fan reaction to the resignations of O'Dowd and Geivett and promotion of Bridich.

What Rockies' GM Jeff Bridich got right in his introductory press conference - RoxPile
Hayden Kane at RoxPile chimes in with his opinion of what Bridich did right at yesterday's press conference, which was not the same thing that stood out to me as what he did right.