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Troy Tulowitzki a potential warning against Giancarlo Stanton's insane contract offer

The Rockies know a little something about being a mid-market team with a superstar they don't want to lose and then signing that superstar to a lengthy and lucrative contract. Will the Marlins follow suit with Giancarlo Stanton? Should they?

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Patrick Saunders takes a look at the reportedly $325M offer the Miami Marlins have extended to Giancarlo Stanton in relation to the Troy Tulowitzki contract.Tulo's contract would be entirely reasonable if he was healthy, in fact even then I think you can make the argument that he still earns what he is paid. Unfortunately, it is hard to argue against the idea that extending such large contracts can dramatically limit your team's flexibility and tie up quite a lot of resources in one body. And bodies can be fickle.

J.J. Buck over at our pals, Rockies Zingers, takes a look at the future of the Colorado Rockies outfield. Included is some fun film and analysis on David Dahl and especially Raimel Tapia. If you haven't actually seen Tapia take some swings, now is the time to get it done.

Justin Morneau hit a three run home run, and also drove in the game's first run on a double in Japan last night, finally leading the team of MLB "All-Stars" to a victory in the exhibition series. Looks like he can still hit.

Rockies prospects, Ryan Casteel and Taylor Featherston were instrumental in winning the AFL Championship for the Salt River Rafters.

And finally, much was made around these parts over Dan O'Dowd's recent interview segment on MLB Network. Well, much was made at least about a graphic of "keys for success" that lent themselves well to parity while remaining absolutely true and exactly how both of this year's participant ended up in the world seriesBut I thought I would link to the entire segment so that if we are going to have such vociferous opinions on the matter, they might be in context.