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Daniel Winkler talks Tommy John surgery, looks ahead to 2015 on Purple Dinocast No. 31

Happy Craij/Winksgiving!

It's the Thanksgiving edition of the Purple Dinosaur Podcast, and we're talking with an actual real baseball player! Rockies prospect Dan Winkler joins the 31st episode of the PDP. We'll talk about his rehab from Tommy John surgery and look ahead to 2015.

Baseball Prospectus sandwich/pie guru Craig Goldstein joins the show to talk about...we don't know, a lot of stuff that isn't really baseball-related. We'll dive into the time that Peter Gammons PWNed Craig on Twitter and the Goldstein family's obsession with pies. They'll have three pies per person at Thanksgiving dinner. S'TROO.

It's almost Thanksgiving! Tune in!

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