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Thursday Rockpile: Happy Thanksgiving, Rockies fans

Despite four straight losing seasons, Rockies fans have plenty to be thankful for as we approach 2015.

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Let's face it, 2014 wasn't the most fun season to be a Rockies fan. 2013 wasn't, either. Or 2012. Or 2011. But there is plenty for fans to be thankful for, even in this rough stretch.

For starters, we have a 23-year-old two-time Gold Glove winner at third base who makes plays like these and, as we found out this season, can hit a bit. There's also a young southpaw on the mound who finally broke through this year and even pitched the team's first shutout in three years.

Despite their injuries this year, we should still be grateful for the chance to watch two of the best players in baseball because they make some pretty nifty plays of their own and hit moon shots from time to time. (Also, notice who Tulo hit that homer against.)

Finally, for those of us lucky enough to get to see games in person, we have a beautiful ballpark to go to and, despite the losing, had the fifth-best attendance in the National League last season. No matter what, just remember this: a bad day of baseball is better than a good day of work.

Barnes expresses gratitude by assisting those in need -
Just one link today about Rockies outfielder Brandon Barnes hosting a Wiffle ball tournament in Anaheim to support the Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation, with teammates and California natives Nolan Arenado and Tyler Matzek participating as well.

Happy Thanksgiving everybody, enjoy your family and friends, enjoy the food and go Rockies.