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Justin Masterson, pair of Marlins hurlers among available starting pitching options for Rockies

There are options out there for the Rockies if the team is wiling to either spend a little money or part with talent.

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East Notes: Melky, Heaney, Eovaldi, Murphy, Victorino – MLB Trade Rumors
Adding more fuel to the Justin Morneau fire (that doesn't actually exist, but was more stirred up by me last week) is the availability of young Marlins hurlers Andrew Heaney and Nathan Eovaldi. The Marlins need a first baseman, and the Rockies need pitchers who would be an upgrade to their rotation. Both Heaney and Eovaldi likely fit that description. Just saying...

Shouldn't The Rockies Be In On Justin Masterson? - Rox Pile
The Rockies might have to overpay a bit for Masterson, but he'll still be cheap compared to most other starting pitching options on the free-agent market, and he would be among the best fits for Colorado anyway. Go get him, says Hayden Kane.

Price of Gold: Rising | Rockies Zingers Colorado Rockies Baseball
Recent deals signed by Kyle Seager and Pablo Sandoval suggest the Rockies need to start looking into extending Nolan Arenado NOW, writes Jake Shapiro. The question is, will the Rockies do that knowing they have another third baseman coming through the system and already have a ton of payroll tied up in very few players?

Top targets, fallback options for all 30 MLB teams -- MLB offseason - ESPN
Jim Bowden tells us a bunch of stuff we already know (the Rockies need pitching), yet doesn't provide a single example. Literally no reason to be bummed about this article being behind the paywall.

Top 10 MLB left fielders: Where does Hanley Ramirez fit in? - ESPN
Carlos Gonzalez is absent from Buster Olney's list of top 10 left fielders because of his poor 2014 season, as well as for missing 56 games on average in each of the last three years.