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Rockies manager Walt Weiss will play larger role in 2015

Weiss is going to be more involved in the decision making for the Rockies next season. I don't know if that will have much of an effect on things, but what the hey ...

Doug Pensinger

I'm not sure anyone has actually been on record with this as a set-in-stone fact, but it hasn't been all that much of a secret that during his time with the Rockies, Walt Weiss hasn't exactly been given the power usually possessed by MLB managers.

Weiss has been forced to work around front office-mandated pitch counts and was generally at the mercy of Bill Geivett and his tendency -- purposeful or otherwise -- of making the Rockies' players and coaching staff feel like they were constantly walking on eggshells. New general manager Jeff Bridich vows that will no longer be the case, according to Patrick Saunders of the Denver Post in an article briefly touched on by Drew in Sunday's Rockpile.

The main premise of the piece urges fans to allow Bridich the opportunity to prove himself, but I thought it was interesting that the new man in charge plans to give Weiss more of a role in decision making in the future. I've said multiple times over the last couple years that we don't really know how good or bad of a manager Weiss is because of the feeling that the Rockies were using him as more of a puppet in his role, but it appears we'll really get a chance to see what he's made of starting next season.


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